Which field is best for consulting?

The 15 highest paying consulting jobs: marketing consultant, associate consultant, human resource consultant, technology consultant, investment consultant, sales consultant, environmental consultant, software consultant. Another way to engage in consulting is as an “experienced employee”. If you join as an experienced employee, you probably have some work experience other than consulting, but you may have some transferable skills. So, for that, you simply have to follow a normal application process and apply online.

Or if you can establish a connection with someone who works there, get to work. There are also people who will gain a lot of work experience in an industry, get an MBA, and then be hired for a consulting firm. According to studies, business school graduates can earn 140% more at their jobs than their peers. But this isn't necessarily the norm.

You could be paid just as much as an MBA graduate if you have the necessary skills to justify it. But an MBA has certain advantages. If you're in a consulting niche and want to move to another, an MBA can help you start from scratch without losing your momentum or value. An MBA also comes with added confidence, additional training, and other similar advantages.

With a top-down view of a company, strategy consultants audit a company's long-term vision and trajectory. With the participation of high-level executives and managers, strategy consultants analyze how resources have been allocated, identifying new markets and comparing their value with that of their current target markets. A key part of a company's survival and success depends on how well its finances are managed. Financial advisory consultants are those who explore how a company can legally and ethically reduce costs, increase cash flow, and reduce risks.

These consultants are expected to pass an exam, which in the case of the U.S. UU is the United States Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), to obtain the necessary license to work as financial advisory consultants. Business insurance is divided into different policies. We offer 4 types to make it easy to design the coverage that fits your business.

Each of the leading consulting firms McKinsey, BCG and Bain has highly selective hiring processes. Even receiving an invitation to an interview is difficult, since less than 10% of candidates were invited to the first round of interviews. The master of business administration (MBA) is the most popular degree used by those who change professions to move to the field of management consulting. On their way to graduation, computer science students hone the analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills needed in the professional field of management consulting.

Kristina Kang, a senior change management consultant, told me what it's really like to work in the field.

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