The Stress of Being a Consultant: Is it Worth It?

Being a consultant is often seen as a stepping stone to success in any career. It can open doors to some of the top organizations around the world and provide you with the skills and experience to be attractive to other companies. However, it is important to consider the stress that comes with being a consultant. Long working hours, overworking, and constant feedback can all lead to exhaustion and anxiety.

Traveling is tiring, and jet lag, stress-induced insomnia, and stomach problems are common companions. The culture of constant feedback can be overwhelming, as comments from colleagues and bosses can influence bonuses, promotions, and reputation. Politics and the stress that comes with it may be enough to keep some people away from consulting. XtraAdvice has developed a series of proposals to help professional services companies deal with exhaustion and stress. While the opportunity to get to know different cultures is a good thing, it is important to consider the potential stress that comes with being a consultant.

Dylan Nemecek
Dylan Nemecek

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