The Different Types of Consulting: A Comprehensive Guide

The consulting industry is one of the most diverse markets within the professional services industry, and as such, a wide range of consultant types are found in the industry. With the influx of independent consultants in recent years, it has become more difficult to come up with a common definition of “consultant”. In this article, we will explore the different types of consulting and the services they provide. Operations Consultants are consultants who help clients improve the performance of their operations.

They provide advisory services and practical implementation support for core functions such as sales, marketing, production, finance, human resources, supply chain, ICT, legal, etc. Operations Consultants form the largest segment within the advisory branch and often work side by side with experts in strategy and technology. Financial Advisory Consultants work on questions that address financial capabilities and analytical capabilities within an organization. They specialize in M&A and corporate finance advice, risk management, tax, restructuring or real estate consulting. Consultants specializing in forensic investigation and supporting disputes are also included in this segment. IT Consultants focus on assisting clients with the development and application of information technology (IT) within their organization.

They work on transitions (projects) in the ICT landscape and their role can range from project management to process management or systems integration. The fastest growing markets within IT consulting are digital, data analytics (also known as data science), cybersecurity, and IT forensic analysis.Strategic Consulting is one of the most critical forms of business consulting. A consultant acts as an advisor to a company by helping them create and follow a strategic plan or long-term strategic plan. This plan helps establish the direction the company will take in the long term and creates a map that defines the direction they will take in the short term to meet all long-term objectives.

Financial advisors are often consulted to ensure that projects are financially manageable and profitable. Management Consultants work with companies to improve their performance by providing expert advice to solve problems and encourage growth. They fill skills gaps that a company has and can be much cheaper than hiring new people or even a team to manage a project or task. Transport Consultancy focuses on the movement of people as population increases and concern falls more on air pollution and global warming. They work with customers looking to rethink their transportation services and move to low-carbon modes of transport such as trains, buses and bicycles. Implementation Consulting is a subtype of general consulting in which a consultant operates as a quasi-contractor. They help companies with implementation projects such as extensive ERP system applications. Industry-specific Consulting is associated with many different types of practices within the consulting ecosystem.

These consultants specialize in certain types of consulting services to help entrepreneurs, leaders and managers navigate the complexity of their businesses.

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