How Much Experience Do You Need to Become a Consultant?

Becoming a consultant doesn't require a fixed amount of experience. What you need are sales skills, consulting skills, and some past successes to build on. You should also have references and contacts. A bachelor's degree is usually necessary, and a business degree is a great option.

It's possible to start your own consulting business and make six figures in two years with the right guidance. It takes seven years of professional experience to become a consultant. This doesn't include the time spent on formal education, which can add another three to five years. To start a consulting business without experience, you need determination and the right guidance.

You don't have to work for one of the Big Four Companies to gain the experience you need. The amount of experience required depends on factors such as experience, education level, and geographical location. As an expert, you should have plenty of experience in your niche. The Done For You model is the least scalable but it's a great way to get proven success stories and build credibility.

As they gain experience, management consultants can take on more responsibility and work more directly with clients. You can also develop “consulting experience” on the business side once you've started your business. Some consultants enter the field after gaining several years of experience in their area of expertise, which can be invaluable to employers. The ideal candidate for an accounting consultant position has extensive experience working in high-performing accounting and finance organizations.

Writing plans or systems for your consulting projects is one of the best ways to gain experience. Even if it's just a little experience, use it to generate value for your customers. Don't make the mistake of thinking you have experience in an area when all you've done is read books or blogs about it. The ideal candidate for a communication consultant should be experienced in writing press releases, managing media relations and customer contacts, and writing and editing communication material to promote the business and customer offerings.

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