The Highest Paying Consulting Firms for MBA Graduates

Are you an MBA graduate looking for the highest paying consulting firms? Look no further! AlixPartners, a global business advisory firm, is the winner this year, providing MBA graduates with the highest salary in consulting. Boston Consulting Group is the second largest consulting firm by revenue and consistently ranks high among the top consulting firms. Here, we break down the 25 highest-paying boutique consulting firms, based on starting salary data for ManagementMBAs. Alexander Group is a global consulting firm that focuses on creating sustainable revenue growth for sales teams. Founded almost 40 years ago, the company has served more than 3000 corporate clients from all over the world.

BCG consultants say the company leads the industry with generous packages and a transparent salary scheme, in which employees know its salary structure and how it compares to the salary of their colleagues. DayBlink provides operations and strategic execution consulting to Fortune 500 companies, quickstart advisory services for early-stage startups, and pro bono consulting to non-profit organizations. Three firms, McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), have dominated the elite of the global consulting industry for years. Cornerstone Research occupies a rare niche in the consulting world as a firm specializing in economic and financial analysis for law firm clients. The result is a combination of strategic focus and a diversified approach to consulting across a range of capabilities and services, perfect for job seekers looking for the unique benefits of working in a smaller company while leveraging a wide range of skills and experiences. Kenway Consulting specializes in technology solution delivery, business program leadership, and information knowledge.

These companies are a good choice for MBA graduates with an interest in consulting and specific vocational training or area of interest. Consultants help clients solve complex problems that may be impeding growth and limiting their bottom line. Management Undergraduate research into the salaries and bonuses offered by consulting firms, drawn from “industry experts”, focuses on those who have just left school, college students and beyond. Risk consultants have the primary role of identifying loss exposures and proposing appropriate mitigation steps. As the first native consulting firm in Europe to expand internationally, Roland Berger's identity is deeply intertwined with the concept of global community. Their emphasis on technology, cost reduction and effective management of operations has led to better pay consultants over time. While much of the financial work reflects what you would find in traditional economic consultancies, it is the intersection of the legal and consulting worlds that makes Cornerstone Research an exciting and enriching opportunity.

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