What Makes a Great Consultant?

A great consultant is a highly skilled and intuitive communicator with a wide range of vocabulary. They know when and how to bring a complementary tone to a customer's environment, and they can express their expertise through various forms of communication. As an oral communicator, they are capable of making clear and concise statements. Experienced consultants have a deep understanding (not just years of experience) in their field that is easily recognizable.

They have completed numerous projects for different clients, taken classes and seminars, and continue to learn about their area of expertise. Great consultants are able to adapt quickly to new projects, work cultures, and colleagues. They come in, fit in, and do their job. Their social skills and technical knowledge allow them to assume their roles quickly and easily.

As a great consultant, you know exactly how to pick up on the subtle signals that other people are communicating.

Dylan Nemecek
Dylan Nemecek

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