What to expect when working for consulting?

In consulting, you'll work with a lot of data and facts, and you'll have to make a lot of decisions. Not all of them will be correct. Becoming a great consultant means that sometimes you make an error in judgment, and that's okay. If you screw up, don't punish yourself or try to correct the mistake yourself.

Many people work their whole lives to climb the business ladder and start working on strategic problems across the company. There are very few professions or opportunities where you can skip years of everyday tasks and dedicate yourself directly to working on these problems and solving them.


are also expected to stay at the forefront of trends, so not only will you read about the major macro trends in the sector or that affect your client, but you will also question these trends and discuss them with other people you work with. In the case of other consulting firms, it is likely that you will undergo some type of test before you submit your application or at the time you submit it.

We talk about what the title of “consultant” means, the paths you can follow to enter the industry, the skills you need to succeed, and what you can expect to be paid when you're just starting out.

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