When Consultants and Clients Clash: A Case Study Analysis

Royce Kellogg, the CEO of two companies, Kellogg & Meyer and Champion Securities, has described the situation to consultants in a way that his field interviews reveal is not accurate. To ensure the success of the engagement, Gray, the initial consultant, should be present and fully involved in the state meeting. Kellogg has valid complaints about consultants, but it is important to focus on solutions rather than criticism. The Statler Group set aside Kellogg's skills or lack thereof and is understaffed to get the job done.

Rebuilding Kellogg's trust in Statler's consulting skills is crucial for Barlow and Roussos to save their company's commitment and reputation. Barlow was particularly enthusiastic that the consultancy had recently decided to target the securities industry as a new source of growth. To demonstrate goodwill, it would be wise for the Statler Group to offer to cancel part or all of the consulting fees that have accrued over the past two weeks. Fundamental management decisions must be made that cannot be delegated to consultants, no matter how good they are.

In order to resolve this situation, it is important to understand that a great client is essential for a successful job. The client must be realistic about what can be achieved and not expect a fantasy world. Barlow had six years of successful consulting experience and was able to compare two sets of policies in detail and contact the relevant managers. Additionally, the parental attitude of When Consultants And Clients Clash Hbr Case Study Case Study Solution moved all staff members forward.

The key takeaway from this case study is that it is important for both clients and consultants to have realistic expectations and work together in order to achieve success. Clients should understand that consultants can only do so much and that fundamental management decisions must be made by them. Consultants should also understand that clients may not always have an accurate understanding of the situation and should take steps to rebuild trust with them.

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