Why Consulting is the Right Choice for You

When considering a career in consulting, it's important to understand why it's the right choice for you. Consulting offers a unique opportunity to learn and explore while getting paid, and provides a high perspective on business topics. There are many reasons to pursue a career in consulting, and it's important to be able to articulate them in an interview. When answering the “Why Consult” question, it's important to provide three reasons that are important to you and that logically fit with everything you've done before.

You can also use personal reasoning, such as your experience working with client-side consultants. Consultants do much of the transformational work: they develop a vision, communicate it, analyze all the details of how things will work in the future, and then implement the new vision. Starting salaries for new consultants are some of the highest salaries outside of investment banking and private equity. When considering a career in consulting, it's important to consider the unique opportunities that it could provide you compared to other jobs you're considering.

It's also important to show enthusiasm when answering this question, as it's an indicator that you'll work hard and stay with the consultant longer. It's a big waste of resources for a consulting firm to hire and train someone only to leave after 6 months. Therefore, when answering “Why Consult” questions in an interview, it's essential to be able to articulate why consulting is the right choice for you.

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