Will consulting firms pay for mba?

Consulting jobs are often among the highest-paying MBA jobs. Students can start their MBA consulting career with six-figure salaries and have opportunities for strong professional growth. Kearney encourages consultants to pursue their MBA and, at the same time, offers the same opportunities for advancement in the company, even to those who don't. Through clubs and MBA consulting events, you can build a network of industry professionals and discover more about what it takes to become a consultant.

The firm has established a virtual business school (KBS) to offer a variety of continuous learning opportunities that include technical, IT and behavioral studies. After you enroll, the hard work begins as you prepare to overcome the interview process and begin your journey to an MBA consulting career. Bain, BCG and McKinsey hire staff from a wide range of schools, but the highest-ranked schools tend to assign the most students to MBB consulting each year. To get expert help analyzing your options, schedule a 1-hour training session with a former MBB consultant today.

The core MBA curriculum provides you with a broad base of business knowledge that ranges from strategy and finance to operations and marketing, which you'll need to tap into as a consultant. However, you generally have to be with the company for 3 to 4 years before you can take advantage of the benefits and you must return to the company as a senior consultant. In addition to that, Management provides potential professional income based on promotions and experience. The first is the sponsorship of business schools, available to outstanding consultants who have actively contributed to the success of the contracts and who demonstrate the aptitude and capacity to grow.

PwC runs Strategy& as its elite consulting division along with its current consulting business, and Strategy& employees earn much more than their PwC counterparts. The Big Four, known primarily as accounting firms but all have large consulting divisions, also pay high salaries as MBA consultants. In terms of demand, Management Consultant points out that consulting firms are experiencing “record revenues” and “double-digit industrial growth”.

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