Why Consulting Interviews are the Best Way to Answer

The best way to answer “Why Consulting?” in an interview is an essential skill for any potential consultant. It's a common question that you can expect to hear from the person interviewing you, whether it's McKinsey, Bain or Boston Consulting Group. Jenny Rae, a former Bain consultant, teaches you how to answer this important question. A one-minute answer should be concise and lively.

Consultants love logic, so if your reasons are logical, you'll succeed. It's also an opportunity to establish a human connection with the interviewer and show that you're an interesting person. If you attend a school with a formal hiring program, you'll have plenty of opportunities to attend events, meet with consultants, and talk to classmates who have done internships or have worked for companies in the past. A simple way to show logic in your answer is to demonstrate that consulting is not only right for you, but that other options (banking, campaign management) are not.

You can also use the same example to show your interviewer how much you LOVED working on it, that you thought it was in the sweet spot between the brain and the heart and that you would like to work that way every Monday morning. Consider the unique opportunities that a career in consulting could provide you compared to other jobs you're considering. The purpose of the structure is to make things clear to the interviewer and to demonstrate that you are a structured thinker (and a communicator). Having one of the best consulting firms on your resume opens up a lot of doors and means that you'll have greater earning potential than most for the rest of your career.

It could be a time when you hired a consultant or when someone you were working with hired a consultant, and you could see how they interacted and the type of work you were doing. Be sure to link your story with the recognition that the people you admire made an incredible impact, thanks in part to the skills and network of contacts they acquired as consultants. You haven't worked in consulting yet, so it's important to demonstrate why it's right for you and why other options may not be as suitable. Showing logic in your answer will help separate yourself from other candidates who may have applied at the last minute just to see what happens.

Ultimately, having one of the best consulting firms on your resume will open up many doors and provide greater earning potential than most other jobs.

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