When consultants and clients clash summary?

Royce Kellogg, the executive director, has described the situation to consultants in a way that his field interviews reveal is not accurate. Statler's has failed to get its customers to recognize differences of opinion about the merger. The reason behind every merger is that the sum is greater than the parts. Usually, clients identify the synergies for the merger and, thereafter, consultants suggest the decisions needed to achieve them.

The synergy mentioned in this case, economies of scale, is only possible if the two companies work together as a single unit. Request a personalized essay when consultants and clients clash with a free plagiarism report. I also suggest that Kellogg explain to his management team why he launched the initial consulting task and that he ask them for help to change their approach. The people at Kellogg know this (especially those who are on the side of the champions), their external consultants should have known and, without a doubt, someone should have explained it to them.

This is because most consultants see their work as a set of technical tasks aimed at offering a recommendation or a solution. This fictional case study explores the issues surrounding the relationships between consultants and their clients, as well as the dynamics of a newly merged organization. Kellogg has several valid complaints about consultants, but unless you're willing to fire them right away, there's no point in insisting on criticism. Worse yet, Kellogg believes that consultants have created the problems that he has just begun to see.

Flynn, former human resources director at Champion Securities, had no idea why the consultants wanted to talk to him. Mayer's dual relationships (200) arise “when social workers relate to clients in more than one relationship, whether professional, social or business, a counselor. It's often said in the world of professional services that to do a great job, you have to have a great customer. This has led to a situation in which the formulation of consultants' tasks includes only the realignment of policies without considering the status of the other tasks.

But here's a situation where the customer has outlined a task that can only be executed in a fantasy world. Then I had to ease the doubts of Greg Masters, who wanted to know why he hadn't been consulted about mythical changes in the organization chart. The Statler team must emphasize the degree of misalignment of expectations on the part of both the client and the consultants. And as Ludwig hurriedly took the consultants out of his office, Barlow had the feeling that his distracted promise to answer any other question at a more convenient time was just a way to get rid of them.

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