Who consultant rates?

Keep in mind that we're talking about our experiences with fees, which are mainly based on daily rates. Copywriters) can charge hourly rates and other rates depending on the product (for example, in the case of a training workshop, it can be charged per participant). No, but seriously, how much can I charge? Okay, we know that you may be quickly looking for an approximate figure. For international consultants working for organizations based in higher-income countries (for example, international NGOs or UN agencies), we've heard of 300 USD and consider it a standard starting daily rate.

We believe that around $1,000 is the most you can get until you are in the category of star keynote speaker at a major conference on development. We don't know anyone personally who constantly reports that. For our colleagues (international consultants working for international NGOs and UN agencies), I would say that between 350 and 650 USD is the range for consultants with 5 to 10 years of professional experience. How much do your IC-Hubber teammates charge? There is no right or wrong pricing strategy, just one that's right for you.

I, personally, started with an abusive pricing strategy seven years ago, which I now see as a mistake. M has also undersold itself in the past. Now, we both follow a strategy in which we set a daily rate that we agree with and, in general, we refuse to work below that rate, sometimes offering discounts for a greater number of working days and projects that are especially aligned with our missions and visions. The Impact Consulting Hub supports independent professionals in the fields of international development and social impact through training, networking opportunities, and ideas and tools.

If you have the type of consulting business that involves pure profits, you may not have to worry about overhead expenses. In particular, the high hourly rates billed by the most prestigious consulting firms in the market tend to generate debate. This strategy can be the most successful and easiest to implement for consultants of all levels of experience. If you ask a consultant, freelancer or other contract worker what the most difficult part of their job is, they will most likely say setting the price of my services.

However, what is known is that rates can vary widely, from an hourly rate of 50 pounds sterling per hour for an interim consultant working at the operational level to 300 pounds or more per hour for a consultant from a leading strategic consulting firm. In essence, the hourly rates that consultants can charge are limitless (with some exceptions in the public sector), so they have the right to charge what they think they are worth and what the market holds. That person, who had been a consultant and became a mentor for me, also pointed out that it's important for the client to see you as an expert. Consultants consider their rates to be one of their main competitive assets and, therefore, manage their fee structure as a “commercial secret”, similar to salaries, which are also shrouded in secrecy.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, you'll pay your own benefits, buy your own computer and workspace, and no one will pay you to go on vacation. NGOs based in low-income countries that hire local consultants are likely to pay less than those based in higher-income countries, as rates are also influenced by current rates in the domestic market. Accenture Consulting (or Capgemini Consulting) are significantly higher, generally comparable to the range of functional specialists and the Big Four. Global strategy consulting firms charge the highest consulting fees, such as McKinsey & Company (with approximately 17,000 employees, the largest company), Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, Strategy&, Roland Berger and A.

Consultants love them because they're a fixed amount of money you can rely on every month, and clients appreciate knowing that they've set aside their time on an ongoing basis...

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