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Tehokas ja kestävä asiakaskommunikaatio rakentuu tunnettujen, pysyvien arvojen varaan, mutta saa vauhtia modernneista työvälineistä. With DRA Consulting Oy, you can expect to bring your pharmaceuticals and health technology products to market quickly. In addition, you can trust our experts to manage the entire lifecycle of your products, including regulatory procedures, strategies, market access and maintenance. Get in touch with us, we'll give your company the boost it needs in the Nordic countries and across Europe.

Sipila Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that focuses not only on strategy but also on practical strategy. María doesn't work alone because Sipila Consulting uses subcontractors as needed and works with the best partners. Whether you want to conduct market research, launch a new brand, or need strategic marketing advice for established brands, Sipila Consulting can help. Sipila Consulting helps your company or organization to create global brands in the world of new types of marketing in which collaborations and agile marketing tools are used.

Sipila Consulting offers personal and confidential professional services for all types of companies, small and large, as well as for public and private organizations, including NGOs, municipalities and schools. DRA Consulting Oy provides specialized services to companies that manufacture and sell healthcare technology products, including medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

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